How to convert many GPS logs from Columbus V-900 to GPX

Hi all,

I used my Columbus V-900 during my 4-week-holiday some months ago. Now I'd like to work with my GPS tracks, tag my photos and so on.

So what I have is about 30 logfiles from my V-900 in CSV format: 20100901.CSV, 20100902.CSV, 20100903.CSV and so on - one logfile for each day.

First question:

The first step for me is to convert the CSV files to GPX, which can then be used in GeoSetter for tagging my photos. So I would like to load all CSV files in BT747 and convert them all to individual GPX files, e.g. log_20100901.GPX and so on.

Is this possible with BT747? In the tab "Log operations" I only have the chance to load one CSV file and convert it to the corresponding GPX file. Or is there a way to load more than one file?

Second quesion:

Which settings do I have to set in order to get one GPX file for each day? I tried "One file per track" in the "Output settings" tab and I think this works for me. One file per day created a new file starting at 00:00 but that's not what I wanted. "Everything in one file" created a very large file.

Third question:

The V-900 logs the height in WGS84, right? So I would like to convert this heigt information to MSL using "WGS84 to MSL". Is this (MSL) more precise than getting the height using the webservice in GeoSetter? Which variant do you recommend?

Thanks a lot

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You can drag and drop all the

  1. You can drag and drop all the files to BT747 or load them in the 'Files to tag' tab by using the 'Add files' button.
  2. It is not clear what you want - you can choose the split point for 'one file per day' ("Time split" in the "Log operations" tab).  There are several other methods to split.
  3. I do not know Geosetter - if it uses the SRTM data, then it is more precise.
    The MSL in BT747 (desktop) is based on a 1° grid and then interpollated - taken from NASA data.
    All depends on how "precise" you want it to be - using two tools requires extra steps and more time.


Hi Mario, thanks a lot. I

Hi Mario,

thanks a lot.

I think I found a bug in BT747 2.0.0:

When loading a single file using "Log OIperations > RAW Log file > xyz.CSV" and converting it to GPX the height is converted to MSL (that's what I configured: WGS84 -> MSL). When loading the same file in tab "Files to tag" the height is not adjusted in my GPX file.

Can you confirm this?




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This was a limitation

This was a limitation documented in the source code.

I am writing in past tense because I modified that in 2.X.1825 . I leave the testing up to you.

It works :) Thank you.  

It works :) Thank you.