Dirk Haase
For his devotion the first few years to the project in terms of feedback, and documentation for the german community. The project entry page on his site provides documentation and tips in German. This is surely one of the reasons why the German version of BT747 is more popular than the English one!
Joern Weber
For his feedback on using the J2ME version on his Sony Ericsson phone.
Florian Unger
For coding the position serving in the desktop and mobile version.
Richard Akerman
For his feedback in the early beginnings requiring to trace the serial connection.
Herbert Geus
For sharing his code to enable saving the settings on a WinCE device. His code has been totally transformed today.
Mario De Weerd
Main developer of BT747.
All other contributors
On the forums or on the tracker page (sourceforge) for providing their feedback on what worked and what didn't, and the translators that were invited to mention themselves in the application's about message.

Companies that contributed in a way

Sent a iBlue 747A+ sample.

Not sought for contributions (other projects)

The SuperWaba project
since they allowed me to build the first application for palm and windows rapidly and because it is still of use.
Mobile Creator
Because it was faster to set up than other solutions - no longer used.
Because this is the editor I still use - more difficult to set up, but more appropriate than Mobile Creator
Not the editor I prefer, but I use it to build the J2SE graphically and to compile some project like swing-ws in it because they were setup for Netbeans.
Since this is a cross platform implementation for serial communication in java - I do not understand why sun never bothered to provide a decent implementation (or did I overlook that?)
Because this is where I found the easiest Bluetooth setup for J2ME and also a GUI environment that was relatively easy to start from.
Mark McClure's Javascript PolylineEncoder
Because this is the basis for the fast 'Google Maps' implementation.
The gpsd project
Because I used some code from there to allow me to make the height corrections.
for having created the java language that is available on a lot of platforms though not as transparently as it should have been.
A java library implementing J2SE classes in a way that they can run on a SuperWaba platform.