GPS Logger Device Compatibility

This is a list of GPS Logger Devices that BT747 supports. In general, BT747 supports devices with a MTK/MTK II-Chipset.

Support for other Chipset types/loggers is added bit by bit.
And even if your GPS is not a logger, BT747 may support GPS Chipset configuration.

BT747 can also upload AGPS (EPO) data if the device supports it (in the 2.X versions). If you want to know where you can buy a logger, you can have a look at "Where can I buy a GPS Logger?". If you have a device that is not listed below bffut that you find is supported by BT747, do drop me a note (contact form on this site).

Standard/other non-tracking GPS devices (using the MTK chipset) that benefit from part of the functionality of this program (such as setting 5Hz logging).

Other cases

  • Sony elm Tracker software '.result' format (BT747 can convert it).


  • GPS 740 - Acsen Technology - looks like an iBlue 747 - Domain does not exist.
  • GPS 730 - Acsen Technology - looks like an iBlue 747 - Domain does not exist.

SKYTRAQ (Partially supported,Venus6 devices)

Partial support = log conversion supported (.sr extension), log download not supported.


  • Tripmate 852
    This device uses an SD Card - not serial communication.  The log format is currently unknown.  The configuration method is currently unknown.

Device information

It is possible to lookup documents in the FCC database through a FCC search page.