GPS Logger Device Compatibility

This is a list of GPS Logger Devices that BT747 supports. In general, BT747 supports devices with a MTK/MTK II-Chipset.

Support for other Chipset types/loggers is added bit by bit.
And even if your GPS is not a logger, BT747 may support GPS Chipset configuration.

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QStarz BT-Q2000 and Gosget S2

Does this software support either of these two BT GPS loggers, should it work?

QStarz BT-Q2000 - http://www.qstarz.com/Products/GPS%20Products/BT-Q2000-F.htm


MainNav MG-950dm - http://www.mainnav.com/product/md-950dm.htm

Not sure what GPS chip set the QStarz unit uses, but I think the MainNav unit has the Mstar MSB 2212 chip set.

I actually have the Gosget-S2 http://www.gosget.com/en_show.asp?id=99 which seems to be exactly the same as the MainNav device.

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