Many hours went into the creation of BT747 and as far as the code is concerned this is mostly a one-man project.

You can contribute in many ways and you do not need to be a programmer. You can contribute to the documention, to testing, providing support on the forums, etc.

To contribute in another way, you can consider buying a logger on the site or click on the button below.

Using paypal:

"Experimentally", I have also set up bitcoin and here is the key of one of my BT747 wallet: 13niFodHTpuwtk7sSiuDx9i8SduxtAfDK8 - bitcoin does not seem stable enough to rely on for business transactions and are built for people to people transactions, so this is exactly what it is set up for.

Thanks in advance for your contribution(s) to the project!

I spent some of that money. Here is what is is used for:
WhenWhyHow much
2009/09/10Domain name and web hosting service (1 year)64,91 EUR
2010/08/10Renew domain name and web hosting service (1 year up to 2011/09/09)64,91 EUR
2011/08/19Renew domain name and web hosting service (1 year up to 2012/09/09)64,91 EUR
2012/08/26Renew domain name and web hosting service (1 year up to 2013/09/09)64,91 EUR
2013/09/01Hosting BT747 by Ynamics - Domain12 EUR
2014/01/17Code signing certificate212,60 EUR
Google ads is about 70€ for 12 months of activity. Just enough to cover the hosting expenses.