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Hi everyone,

I recorded some trips with the 747 A+ recorded. When I try reading the data with GPS photo tagger, it seems like it is loading but in the end it says that there is no data on the device. Whith the BT747 software I am able to export the whole memory (4MB) to a .bin-file. However, I cannot transform it to another format which could make the data visible, neither with BT747 nor with GPS Babel. Also, the map in BT747 remains empty. Do you know how I can save the data?


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For some reason your log is

For some reason your log is probably empty - or you did not define the right format (but 'Default' is the one that is ok for you - it is selected on the far right of the convert button).

What are your log conditions?  Is logging active?  Is anything ticked in 'RCR'?

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it really seems like it's

it really seems like it's empty, but it definitely recorded the tracks, because it was falshing as always while switched on. I didn't change anything regarding RCR (i.e., I don't know the settings). And the converting condition is on default. Thank you so much for your support!

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When it is flashing this just

When it is flashing this just means that it has a lock on the GPS signals and determined its position.

The log conditions (Log by ...) and the RCR (log format) are in the 'Device settings' tab.

You can make a screen capture of that if you like.

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I attached you the screenshot

I attached you the screenshot (sorry, it's in German). What if I reset the logger? Then, of course all data is deleted. But is it then possible to restore the deleted data from the logger such that I can use it again? Thank you!

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The downloaded bin file is

The downloaded bin file is the content of the memory.

When you erase the device, you erase the memory and the device will not provide you previously data again.

You can check if the content of the bin file is mostly '0xFF' in hex or not - if it is, (almost) nothing was stored.  The reasons can be multiple: you did not put the device in 'LOG' mode, logging was off, the log settings are incorrect (but in your case they are ok), ... .  You can send me the bin file but I'll probably "just" find that it is empty.

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Please find attached the

Please find attached the log-file I cannot read or convert. I sent you the password as PM. Thank you so much for your support.

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After checking the

After checking the log:

  1. There are no positions in the log - the high compression already gave a hint at this;
  2. According to the log, the log conditions are ok - every second;
  3. The log says that the mode was changed from overwrite to stop at some point in time;
  4. However, logging was never active.

The iBlue needs two things to have logging actif as the users knows it : Automatic logging actif and logging actif.Automatic logging is enabled automatically by BT747 if it finds this to be inactive and according to your log, this is ok.So my advice is to make an erase using the 'recovery' feature and then make some tests to make sure that your device logs again.  From the info I have I can not tell what the exact problem is.

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Then it seems like the data

Then it seems like the data is lost. Well, thank you anyway for all of your help and support!