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GPSport 245 - Convert Errors

Since moving to a new computer (i7-2600K Win7 64 SP1) and using BT747 V2.03 I cannot convert the log to the GUI or any file format. 

Here is the log from the Info tab. 


How to convert many GPS logs from Columbus V-900 to GPX

Hi all,

I used my Columbus V-900 during my 4-week-holiday some months ago. Now I'd like to work with my GPS tracks, tag my photos and so on.

So what I have is about 30 logfiles from my V-900 in CSV format: 20100901.CSV, 20100902.CSV, 20100903.CSV and so on - one logfile for each day.

First question:

The first step for me is to convert the CSV files to GPX, which can then be used in GeoSetter for tagging my photos. So I would like to load all CSV files in BT747 and convert them all to individual GPX files, e.g. log_20100901.GPX and so on.

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Problem converting files

I received my new Holux M-241 3 days ago, and was up and running with BT747 fairly quickly. I seem to find a new hitch every time I use it, but then get past it with some trial and error. But now I'm really stuck. Suddenly, this morning, I couldn't convert my log files. I was able to download the log file no problem using the j2se interface, but then got an error message saying the log file might not contain any data, etc.

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