How to convert many GPS logs from Columbus V-900 to GPX

Hi all,

I used my Columbus V-900 during my 4-week-holiday some months ago. Now I'd like to work with my GPS tracks, tag my photos and so on.

So what I have is about 30 logfiles from my V-900 in CSV format: 20100901.CSV, 20100902.CSV, 20100903.CSV and so on - one logfile for each day.

First question:

The first step for me is to convert the CSV files to GPX, which can then be used in GeoSetter for tagging my photos. So I would like to load all CSV files in BT747 and convert them all to individual GPX files, e.g. log_20100901.GPX and so on.

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Sony Ericsson elm tracker *.result format and conversion

Hello, I've got a newbie question. My Sony Ericsson elm phone has the sports tracker application included. The tracker doesn't offer a data export function. All I get is the log file #.result.

What is the format of that log file and how can I import/convert it with BT747?

I'm able to get file off the phone and I tried a myriad of options with many applications to the point where I'm totally confused :)

I've attached the file 3.result.gif (remove ".gif") when looking at the file - sorry that I had to trick the upload

thanks for any help!

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Export csv and gpx

The logger is well, the software too. But the output file have to be in a way to import in other Software.
For example Pathaway oder KDR (freeware).

Unfortunately the import is not easy, because interface is no standard. Therefore it is necessary to adjust the export file.

No multiple Tracks in GPX + converting GPX to Google-Maps-HTML


I am happily using bt747 with my Holux m-241 logger for quite a while now.
Since I just startet using bt747 more often I have the following three questions / feature requests:

1.: When I use the Holux m-241 .bin file (containing several tracks) as input and convert it to a GPX then the GPX-file contains only a single big track. The several tracks are combined to one big one.
Is there a way to conserve the division into several tracks in the GPX file?

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BT747 gpx files and OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Apparently waypoint information extraction from gpx upload has been recently added to PotLatch, the online map editor for OpenStreetMap.

I've read some reports that the waypoints that are written by BT747 into the GPX files are recognized by PotLatch.
After reading the code that is responsible for analyzing the GPX files in PotLatch, I found that only a few features are recovered and that BT747 could be optimized to add additional information to the GPX files.

The relevant PotLatch code is here:

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