"Log by..." won't stick

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I have a Holux M-1200E that I connect with USB and BT747 works great. I can download, erase and change format of log. I can also change the "Log by..." condition to. My problem is that the "Log by"-setting is lost when I power cycle the device. 

Acctually it seems like the enable/disable for "Time" is kept, but not the value. Both enable/disable and value are kept for "Speed" and neither enable or value for "Distance". Does that make any sense?

Below are informational messages that can help during debug.


1266 - BT747 2.0.3 Build:BT747_mdeweerd.3.20110515132709849

1269 - Initial: 858x508  Screen: 1600x1200 Final: 928x512

1270 - Windows 7

1270 - x86

1271 - 6.1

1271 - 1.6.0_24

1271 - 32

1271 - Success com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsLookAndFeel




Did you ever solve this

Did you ever solve this problem? I am having a very similar one. I set it to log by distance and it logs just fine. But when I reconnect to BT747 it reverts back to the log by time setting.