How to separate/split tracks?

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I have no clue how to separate/split the tracks after I have downloaded the gps info from my gps receiver (iBlue 747A+). It seems that turning the gps receiver off and on does not split the tracks. Does anyone know how to split the tracks and a program to edit the tracks (for correcting the tracks that the gps receiver made)?


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In the latest 2.X version

In the latest 2.X version (2.X.1672 for instance), you can split tracks when the logger swithed on/off.
To do so, look at the 'Output Settings' tab where there is a 'Separation' subpanel.  There you have three conditions for track splitting: time, distance and on/off.  Tracks can also be split by date (@midnight according to the time split offset on the Log Operations page).

For track editing, I've used 'GPS trackmaker' a few times.

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Thanks very much, it seems to

Thanks very much, it seems to work now (turning the device on and off to split the tracks).

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This "new track when GPS

This "new track when GPS logger switched on." options doesn't work for me.

This is what I did:
1. Smart Download data from my iBlue 747 A+.
2. Verified that "Separation" is set to "New Track after 60 min. pause" and "New Track after 0 meters" "and "New track when GPS logger switched on" is checked.
3. Click the GPX button on the "Convert" subpanel on the "Log operations" tab.

This result in one (1) GPX file named GPSDATA-20100806.GPX when I expect to see GPSDATA-20100806 and GPSDATA-20100808 (since it contains two trips (one from august 6th and one from august 8th).

When I click the GUI button in Log operations and go to Map I see the tracks I walked on the 6th and the 8th combined.
When I check the Track tab I see that the data indeed contains trackpoints from two separate dates.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Using BT747 V2.X.1764 WebStart on Ubuntu 10.04.

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You have to set the output

You have to set the output file setting to '1 file per track'.  You have is set to 'Everything in one file'.

In your case you can also set to 'One file per day'.

That setting is on the 'Output settings page'.

Your output file should contain multiple tracks though (not all positions should be put under a single track heading).

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Aha! I simply overlooked that


I simply overlooked that option.

Now it's working as I expected it to, thank you!

Hi All!It is quite old thread

Hi All!

It is quite old thread but I have same problem with Holux m-1000c Even when everything is set up like above, "new track when GPS logger switched on" doesn't work like it should. I think the problem is with logger, because when I turn it off for couple of hours splitting works, but when I turn it off for even 10 minutes it looks like holux doesn't recognize it was off and get fix in 4 seconds (same place).

Any idea how to split those tracks in bt747?

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Maybe the M1000C does not

Maybe the M1000C does not record that type of record (logging on/off), I can only tell if I get a log sample.  [Holux has their way of doing the firmware]

The other method is to separate tracks based on time separation, i.e., if no position is logged for 5 minutes (300 seconds), start a new track.

Time separation works fine

Time separation works fine but its not what I expect ;) I have no experience in GPS loggers and I thought that all of them have this function.

I understand that You want track log from my logger? In attachment there is a log where I turn off logger after 2 minutes of working, turn it on after one minute pause, and turn off two minutes later. Then I turn in on to download log, so there can be 3 on sequence, and two off (and one extra on/off after a couple of minutes because i could not connect to device. Its from window in big building so accurancy is not right.
Link to file:

I know it's an old thread,

I know it's an old thread, but as I'm also interested in splitting the log on my Holux m1000c based on on/off switches I would like to ask what conclusion could you came to regarding this issue. Does it log the on/off activity? I was also unable to get out properly splitted tracks using the "New track when GPS logger switched on" GUI option.