Problem. Changing parameters, frequency Columbus V990

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I am new to this forum. My name is Victor and I write from Spain.

I have a big problem, I bought several devices MKT2 COlumbusV990 because they have the chip. All I have to use for a project and the problem is I can not change the frequency to 5Hz which is all that interests me. Anyone can help me? I've tried with the BT747, but not save the change to 5Hz, or rather, does not save any settings.

The only parameter I could change the fields that record is not all what I would want. This is done through a. Txt in the micro sd.

I would greatly appreciate your help, since this depends on my project and I have over 9 devices.

Regards and thanks,

Pd. Sorry, but my English level is not high.

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Hi Victor As you indicate,

Hi Victor

As you indicate, the Columbus V990 uses a configuration file written to a text file on the memory card.

Data is written to the memory card as well as a CSV file.

The BT747 supported devices use a (virtual) serial protocol over USB.

BT747 can decode the CSV file written by the Columbus V990, but does not write a configuration file for the Columbus V990.

In order to make BT747 support writing the configuration file, the following is needed:


  • The format of the configuration file (how the contents of it must be built);
  • Implement the construction of this configuration file;
  • Add extra options to BT747 (new device type, detection or configuraiton of the path to the device's SD Card, ...).

I do not know what your project is, but you could also create the configuration file by hand and write it to the different devices using any method that allows you to copy the configuration file to the device.




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Thanks for the replies so

Thanks for the replies so fast.
I need to create that file, to change the frequency variable.

The problem, and I do not know how to do is create the file. Where I can find the structure and variables? It is the same for all GPS.

I tested with v1.34 miniGPS and if I can put it to 5Hz but not save in the device. I get an error when saving to flash.

I have also seen the configuration file generated by the program to the SD card but does nothing interesting.

The file is called config.txt and inside has the following things:

0 Standard mode
000 Over-speed tag
001 Spy mode timer"

What steps should I take?

Thank you, Victor.

Hi Victor, as far as I know,

Hi Victor, as far as I know, the Columbus V-990 does NOT support 5Hz, only 1Hz see the specs:

As for your problem, if you have no use for the units I may be interested in buying one second hand, I'm also from Spain.

Good luck.