Holux M-1200E Device Settings Problems

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Greetings all,

First off, thanks to everyone who helped develp this tool. I relied on it heavily all summer while doing transportation research. 

In that application, I was logging position based on time intervals using the Holux M-1200E. Currently, I wish to log by distance instead of time. I can change the parameters under the Device Settings tab, but the device continue to log by the default time interval. Furthermore, when I re-open BT747 and connect the device, the parameters under the Debice Settings tag have reverted back to time-based logging. 

I think this is the same problem that is being reported in this thread:


I greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone might have about how to solve this.


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Hi Holux has firmware that


Holux has firmware that limits or changes functionnality ; it limits possible settings and also changes the way how some of these settings must be set.

Possibly the Holux SW can set distance settings.

You can also check some of the other (partially supported) Holux protocols in BT747: the GPSport 245/260.  One of the uses a different method to set time/distance setting - maybe it is more inline with the M1200E.

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the information. 

How do I check the other Holux protocols? Do I do it through the Device option on the Log Operations tab?