Holux M1200E

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Holux M-1200E Device Settings Problems

Greetings all,

First off, thanks to everyone who helped develp this tool. I relied on it heavily all summer while doing transportation research. 

In that application, I was logging position based on time intervals using the Holux M-1200E. Currently, I wish to log by distance instead of time. I can change the parameters under the Device Settings tab, but the device continue to log by the default time interval. Furthermore, when I re-open BT747 and connect the device, the parameters under the Debice Settings tag have reverted back to time-based logging. 

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Track entires are duplicated


Firstly, I'd like to thank you for this impressive software.

I've downloaded latest desktop stable version, seems to work ok with Holux M1200E, except one thing.

On screenshoot : http://s007.radikal.ru/i301/1108/98/4186cdd77d57.gif

Trak entires are duplicated.

1->28, than again 1->28.

Memory info tells, that I have 28 entires, but track looks pretty weird, like "circuited" 

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