GlobalSat BT-335 compatible with BT747?

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I see that there is a Device Protocol setting for SiRFIII in BT747. Does that mean that one can use BT747 with SiRFII devices, like for instance the GlobalSat BT-335?


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I had started adding log

I had started adding log download suppot to BT747 for some devices but there was nobody around to test it.
I left it in the interface so that some testing could start.
I've asked the question in the poll currently running on the site.

BT747 may be able to convert logs already - download is surely not working.

The internal structure of BT747 is changing so that adding support for it has already become easier.

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SiRF compatibility

I have to get a SiRF receiver/logger for reason of compatibility with other equipment. I would be happy to test any SiRF addition to BT747.


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Good, I'll keep that in

Good, I'll keep that in mind.

Anybody reading this and wanting to help with the coding is welcome ;-).

Good day. Did you connect

Good day.
Did you connect this unit and software.


I have connected an i-got-U

I have connected an i-got-U 120 to BT747.

It connects immediately, I can see the GPS device data in the log operations tab.

I tried the download, but nothing happened.

My version of BT747 is V2.14, running on Suse Linux 11.4, 64 bit, KDE.

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