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The Desktop version of BT747 can be easily translated in other languages. Even though I know four languages, this small list does not cover the entire world. In the mean time, thanks to volunteers, the development version has more or less complete implementations of the application in: - English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Russian. If you are interested in helping out to translate BT747 to your language, let me know. No coding is needed - simple editing of a text file only ( in particular).

The table just below points to files indicating the missing translation strings.  These files are updated automatically after a build so they correspond to the most current version.

If the file is 'empty', all strings were translated for that language.

To translate, please do a 'save as' of the link, edit the file and send me the translations (see email in 'about' of app or use the contact functionality of this site).  Even if you translate only part of the strings, that is helpful.

Catalan (ca)ca_missing.lst
German (de)de_missing.lst
Spanish (es)es_missing.lst
Persian (fa)fa_missing.lst
French (fr)fr_missing.lst
Italian (it)it_missing.lst
Dutch (nl)nl_missing.lst
Polish (pl)pl_missing.lst
Portuguese (pt, Brazilian)pt_missing.lst
Romanian (ro)ro_missing.lst
Russian (ru)ru_missing.lst
Chinese (zh)zh_missing.lst

Translations were uploaded to Transifex, that produces this status graph:

Loading chart...
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To illustrate the usefullness

To illustrate the usefullness of a translation, here is a list of the top 10 visiting countries (the percentage indicates the part of visitors from that area to this site). Even if the table lists volunteers, some are more active than others, so if you find the translations to be incomplete, do not hesitate to volunteer yourself for a few updates.

Country Percentage Status of translation
Germany (19.25 %) Done
United States (16.34 %) Native
France (11.15 %) Done
Unknown (4.81 %)
Spain (4.73 %) Done. Catalan: one volunteer (partially done)
Italy (4.38 %) 3 volunteers (1 for PDA version)
Poland (4.27 %) Mostly done.
Netherlands (3.92 %) Mostly done.
UK (3.92 %) Native
Japan (3.34 %) No volunteer
Russian Federation (2.15 %) Partially done.
Australia (1.85 %) Native
Austria (1.82 %) German - See Germany
Switzerland (1.74 %) No volunteer
Finland (1.14 %) 1 volunteer - No progress
Republic of Korea (1.11 %) 1 volunteer - No progress
Brazil (0.92 %) >1 volunteer - Done
Czech Republic (0.87 %) No volunteer
Canada (0.84 %) Native + French
Hungary (0.82 %) No volunteer
Taiwan (0.82 %) Chinese - 1 TW volunteer - Fairly complete
Indonesia (0.76 %) No volunteer
Hong Kong (0.76 %) No volunteer
Belgium (0.71 %) French / Dutch / German
Estonia (0.68 %) No volunteer
Ukraine (0.65 %) No volunteer
New Zealand (0.63 %) No volunteer
Sweden (0.63 %) No volunteer
Portugal (0.57 %) >1 volunteer (Brazil) - Done
Singapore (0.54 %) No volunteer
China (0.41 %) 1 volunteer - similar to Taiwan - could be more localized
Argentina (0.35 %) No volunteer
Lithuania (0.24 %) No volunteer
... (0. %) 1 volunteer
Latvia (0.14 %) 1 volunteer /Inactive?


Hi, i was reading the web and i saw you need translators. I live in Argentina so i can help with Spanish i you need help.
i saw there are serveral people helping but if you need something i could help you.
my e-mail is if you are interested.
Thank you and good luck!

hi, i speak spanish also and


i speak spanish also and could help if you are interested in translating the program.

have a nice day!

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Hi Thanks for the offer.  I


Thanks for the offer.  I just updated the initial post so that the missing translations can be seen immediately.

Those interested can translate all or part of these and send them to me: bt747 A*T* .

I will add them and on the next build the lists will get automatically updated.

Everything before the '=' token must remain unchanged, what follows the '=' token can be written as html when it starts with <html>, otherwise it is plain text.

Do you need Russian atm?

Do you need Russian atm?

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BT747 is currently partially

BT747 is currently partially translated to Russian.  With the evolutions, several new translations are missing as shown in the link above: .  This list is automatically updated on every build so it is always the latest.

So anyone can contribute by translating these to Russian to make the translation complete.

I do not know what you mean with 'atm'.

atm = At the moment :)

atm = At the moment :)

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So: 'yes'  I had been

So: 'yes' 

I had been examining other alternatives for ATM which did not seem to quite fit:

  • Automated Teller Machine;
  • Automated Translation Machine.

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What's the encoding of the

What's the encoding of the .lst file, utf8?

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It is some ISO encoding but

It is some ISO encoding but you can deliver the file in UTF8 - I can translate it automatically.

I live in Ukraine so i can

I live in Ukraine so i can help with Ukraine.


Do you need Ukraine?




P.S. WBR - With Best Regards

I'm italian and i can support

I'm italian and i can support you with traslation

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Hi Francesco To help, you can

Hi Francesco

To help, you can start by using file that is linked to above which lists the strings still to be translated (you'ld have to translate that text after the '=' token).

If you want to improve the italian translation, you'ld need to edit another file.

Then you can send it to me (see my mail in the 'about' function of the application).

The modern development of the

The modern development of the world, the process of globalization, the constant introduction of new technologies is of great need in high-quality German translation. Language is very alive substance…its development doesn’t stop.