Need urgent help regarding conversion of bin file from my iblue 747+

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Hi all,


for years now I have been usind BT 747. Now I am on a holiday trip in India and just now it doesn't work anymone! I could cy. I can download the bin file but BT 747 does not convert it (sayinh the log is empty or no point matches the flter).

But the log is not empty. And I removed all filters. What can I do? Thank you very much!

I also attached the file (it is not a pdf but a zip file)

I really beg for your help!



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Hi Your file is not empty -


Your file is not empty - there are positions between March 13 and March 17 - decoding works as usual with BT747.

Check your date filter, delete the settings file (bt747settings.pdb) in your profile directory to start from a clean slay.

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Hi I admit that there is a


I admit that there is a strange issue somewhere.

When trying to convert the file again after a new start, I did not get anything on the map.


In my first trial I had the file both in the Raw Log File text field and I had dragged and drop the file to BT747 so I had two entries.

You can try dragging/dropping from multiple locations - that worked for me.

I don't have time now to fix this in the app.

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Hi, thanks a lot for your


thanks a lot for your immediate help! The I had no success using  drag-and-drop technique yet  (Can you explain in more detail?), but I can relax a lot because now I know the logger / the software is generally working and my trip for the next two weeks can be recorded!!!


I will come back in the next days.


Thanks a lot!!!



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Hi When you got to the 'Files


When you got to the 'Files to tag' tab, you'll see a list of files in the upper left part of the tab.

When you click and hold a file in the File Explorer and then drag and drop it to BT747, the file appears in that list.

You can also do 'Add files' in that tab (that button allows you to add log files and jpeg files).


Hi,   thank you very much. I



thank you very much. I can see now the start and end date - but I cannot see my track and I still cannot convert the file...


But now I think I solved the problem. I just found out that f.... Windows set my system time to some day in 2005...and it seems like BT747 can't handle tracks from the future (regardless of the date filter)...

I therefore wasted hours of my time and your time as well...sorry


Kind regards,



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Hi Thank you for the


Thank you for the update.

BT747 should filter dates  even in the future even though it sets the default end date to the current day.  And there must be some other issue not identified yet.

Good thing that you identified the issue though - this just happens - I did not spend too much time on it, surely not as much as you.

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