How to set the right interval (time/speed)

I have downloaded BT747 desktop Java application. I would like to set the device to make one point every 5 seconds only when I'm moving faster than 3 km/h. It means when I stop at some place the device will be "paused". How can I do that?

There is a problem. I set on tab "Device settings" Log by Speed above 3 km/h and Fix every 5000 ms. Then I click the Set button. Disconnect, unplug device, plug device, connect. Immediately the time box is checked and set to 5 seconds. Itself. Why? I use Holux M-1000C.


By the way, in 2.X versions it isn't possible to convert BIN file to any others. Only my experience.

I had the same problem. My

I had the same problem. My BT747 would not change the log settings. It insisted on logging by time and with 5 second interval only.

I set the "Log by ..." settings as I wished, clicked "Factory Reset" and then "Set" in the "Log by ..." box (before the device found enough satellites and started logging again). That worked for me.

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Some of the Holux devices

Some of the Holux devices only accept certain settings and 'reset' to predefined settings if you deviate from those.

If Samuel's solutions works for your Holux device that would be interesting.

I would recommend to use the distance condition though.  When you are not moving you will not get a positions log (or almost none because of the positioning errors).  I set my log condition to 10 meters.

By lowering the fix period to 1 fix every 5 seconds you impact the precision of the fix.