How to set the right interval (time/speed)

I have downloaded BT747 desktop Java application. I would like to set the device to make one point every 5 seconds only when I'm moving faster than 3 km/h. It means when I stop at some place the device will be "paused". How can I do that?

There is a problem. I set on tab "Device settings" Log by Speed above 3 km/h and Fix every 5000 ms. Then I click the Set button. Disconnect, unplug device, plug device, connect. Immediately the time box is checked and set to 5 seconds. Itself. Why? I use Holux M-1000C.


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date and time on tagged photos

Is there any way to retain the origional date and time when you save the tagged pictures?

The changing of date and time messes up my filing system which is based on date and time.

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