Royaltek MBT-1100 GPS Logger

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A new compatible device got added to the list: the Royaltek MBT-1100.

In fact the Royaltek MBT-1100 has a new 'unknown' field in its log record and when the log format was set to 'full data' in the Royaltek application, this 'unknown' field was breaking the log decoder.

This is now fixed in BT747 2.X.1600 in the sense that the presence of this field is detected so that the recorded positions are retrieved correctly.  Since the meaning of this new field is currently unknown, it is further ignored for the moment.

The stable version (1.68.X) and versions prior to BT747.2.X.1600 will be able to decode the log only if you did a 'set format and erase' using BT747.

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The new field remains a

The new field remains a mystery for the moment because the Royaltek tool does not report about it in its output logs.

Further, BT747 provides much more information in its output logs than the Royaltek tool does.

Here is an example entry in the text output (location is obfuscated):

Record: 1
Event Type: 3
Year: 2009
Month: 11

Day: 17
Hour: 19
Minute: 39
Second: 1
Latitude: -100.790150
Longitude: 100.181317
Altitude 150.005219
PDOP: 2.690000
HDOP: 2.490000
Satellite No: 3
Speed: 0.165876
Direction: 0.000000

Thanks for the fixup for the

Thanks for the fixup for the MBT-1100 logging. This has made it easier to get logs processed, as the set format & erase trick seems to not last for long before needing to be repeated.

However, I've found that the  BT747.2.X.1600  NMEA exports from the logs now have 00 in the checksum characters for the GPRMC and GPGGA sentences. They were present and correct in dumps made from the same .bin file with the previous version.

Cheers WombatK

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Thanks for highlighting this

Thanks for highlighting this NMEA format problem - I fixed the issue and BT747.2.X.1602 is available.


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For other readers ... There

For other readers ...

There were also some issues in downloading the full log in at least some settings.  BT747 did not recognize the flash and did not get the right size of it.  Further it ignored the reported used memory under some conditions, using the estimated flash size instead.

Both issues should be ok in 2.x.1608 for the desktop version and 0.3.35 for the mobile version.

Hi there,  anyone know where

Hi there, 

anyone know where I can buy a MBT-1100 from?



Here you can find MBT-1100

Here you can find MBT-1100 GPS Logger

[edit: One sours is eBay - is a distributor for Royaltek products as well]



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This might be somewhat off

This might be somewhat off topic,  but has anyone been able to charge the MBT-1100 with another USB cable?

I asked royaltek last year.

On August 8, 2010 I emailed:

What type of USB 8-pin Mini B connector do I need for my MBT-1100 GPS Logger?  I would like to have an extra usb cable to charge the battery.  I have tried a few mini 8-pin cables that do not work.                                
Is there a camera that uses the same connector?

From "" [As is, I did not correct spelling]

Dear Sir:
I am writing to introduce myself as I am Engineer for customer service in RoyalTek Company Ltd.

The mini usb is special define cannect cable.
We are not suggest you to use not RTK design canle.
If you want the extra cahrger then please connect with local retailer shop.
They will sale a new charger cable to you.  

HelloSorry my englishWhere


Sorry my english

Where can i downloading rbt-1100 data logger software?
Please email for me.

Thanks Ferenc

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Hi Ferenc For the original

Hi Ferenc

For the original MBT software I do not know where you can get it, you can use BT747 that you can get from links on the "Download & Install Desktop" page.

Kind regards


Hi Mario Tht BT747 program

Hi Mario

Tht BT747 program work's wih rbt-1100?

I try but dont works.

I mess up something?


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Hi Ferenc I do not own

Hi Ferenc

I do not own neither did I own a RBT-1100, but as you can notice in this trhead at least one other user was able to use BT747 with the device to read the log, and I had adapted the decoder of BT747 to take into account the unknown field in the log.

There are several levels of compatibility.

First you have to check that you can make a connection and that you can read the current GPS position and time.

The next step is to see the used memory properties appear.

Finally the step is to do the download.


The RBT-1100 may be one of these old devices that require a precise baud rate to be set.  Try 115200 and 38400 at least.