Merging logfile BT747log.bin from different PCs


I normally use my desktop PC to manage my GPS logger.

During my holiday I used a laptop to download track information from my logger.

When I returned home I connected the same logger to my desktop PC again.

BT747 gave an error message that a different logging device had been connected and that the logfile BT747log.bin would be overwritten.

I am looking for a way to merge the original logfile on the desktop with the logfile on the laptop.

Any suggestions?

If this is the first time you

If this is the first time you have seen ths, I guess your logger is set to "overwrite when full" or you have never erased logger memory before? Anyway, if there is a good reason to keep original BT747log.bin on desktop pc, just change the Raw Log File name to e.g. BT747log_holiday.bin

You can have as many raw log files as you like, no need to megre those, you can switch to desired raw log at any time, convert it (to gpx, kml, ..)  and if desired, manage results in your favorite tool (Google Earth or QLandkarte perhaps)