Can't download tracks! Emergency! M-1000

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Hello all I've got a job tomorrow which requires me to use my Holux M-1000 to download the tracks afterwards.

I've managed to connect(although only with "BT747cmd_64b") and can even live track but it simpyl won't let me download my recorded tracks.

When I click download the bar just doesn't move and majoroly of the time won't let me disconnect. I've searched and searched but can't find why it won't download.

Would really apprieciate any help!!
Many thanks :)

I don't think the m-1000 has

I don't think the m-1000 has a logger..nodata to download

Cheers i though m1000c was

Cheers i though m1000c was the same as m-1000 just with better specs. after that simple comment I realised thats not the case :P

Thanks allot!