iBlue 821

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[A message received by mail from a user that is interesting for users of the iBlue821]

I have installed BT747 (BT747_2.X.1481_full) on my laptop PC (Windows Vista 32) and it is working great. Thank you for such an excellent utility!

FYI, the iBlue_821 seems to introduce a minor issue. The software provided on the CD included with the 821 (GPS Photo Tagger) requires the 821 be in the "logging" mode before any communication with the GPS is possible. This is partially true when using BT747 - the download function does not work unless the "logging active" box is checked (and the iBlue_821 is in the log record mode). Also, when one clears the log on the 821, it switches logging off (true for both the OEM software and BT747). No problem except one needs to remember to turn logging back on if further interaction is required.

Thanks again for a super program

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The behaviour you indicate is

The behaviour you indicate is pretty strange - you are the first to report that logging must be on.

Currently BT747 has an option to turn logging of during download so it seems that I need to allow to turn logging on during download (or force it when the iBlue821 is detected).

Regarding the erase: I do not like it when my memory gets filled just after an erase and I recommend doing a 'on/off' cycle before any logging session to be sure that logging is on. I could add an option to turn logging on after an erase.