Converting a log file takes a long time

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I recently got an iBlue 747A+ and logged a four day "roadtrip" route. I'm new to any type of GPS-usage and all I want to do is extract the data from the logger and examine the data on a map (Google Maps/Earth?, Openstreetmap?) and/or share it for others to examine.

First I downloaded the data with BT747 to a 640kb raw log file (I had to google around for a program like this since the software and documentation that come with the iBlue 747A+ are just terrible.) Then I started the conversion to .GPX -format (since that seems to be a popular format?) I aborted at 2 895 907ms, that's 48 minutes. Processor usage was 50% (on a dual core system) the whole time. Should I have waited longer?

Also, any information on the beforementioned use case would be appreciated.


PS. I voted for "Configuration/Download for Dummies" on the poll :)

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Thanks for your vote; -). It

Thanks for your vote; -).

It is pretty strange that the conversion takes that long. It can take a minute or two in some cases, but not 48 minutes.

So to me this looks like some kind of bug.

Can you indicate which version of BT747 you are using and send me a copy of your bin file to start with?

Did you try other conversions - just to the GUI or HTML output (a nice format if you want to share with other dummies ;-) ).

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The version is 1.68.28

The version is 1.68.28 (22.06.2009) and I did also try other conversions that didn't finish in several minutes.

I sent you a copy of the raw log to the address found on the About-box of BT747.

Thanks for the help

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Following the analysis of

Following the analysis of your mail and some trials it seems that the '.log' extension is the culprit. When the extention is '.log', the applciation expects to find NMEA.
A raw log file should have a '.bin' extension.

Of course, the application should not behave like this which is something that I should do something about. Given my upcoming vacation that will be somewhere end august/beginning of september.

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Ha! Yes, changing the

Ha! Yes, changing the extension to .bin worked. Now the conversion takes about a second or two. :)

The default name for the log file did have a .bin extension, but I changed it because I had programs already associated with the .bin extension and I didn't know it made a difference. The tooltip on the "Raw Log File" -button seems to mention something of the sort, but I had missed it until now.

Have a good vacation!

Thanks again