BT747 functions on Android Smartphones

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The comments in the thread "BT747 on Android? Volunteer?" are most interesting. BT747 is a great app but I do not think porting it to Android is achievable. I just finished coding and Android app for an MTK CHIP GPS logger that has some of the BT747 functionality and found meeting the run time limits for the GUI a real challenge.

I published "MTK logger utility" to Google Play today - GNU GPL v3 licensed. Also posted the source files on GitHub. Works great with my Samsung Galaxy Note and Qstarz Q1000x logger. My app has 4 tabs:

  • the startup (Main) tab that displays the NMEA sentences sent by the logger and provides for NMEA sentence settings
  • the Download tab - incorporates Bastiaan Naber's AndroidMTK code
  • the Settings tab - checkboxes for all the MTK logging options and input fields for log point frequency settings
  • the AGPS tab - EPO source file settings and AGPS data refresh

This covers off what I see as the most important aspects of GPS logger settings. Since my testing resources are very limited, I have no way of knowing how useful this app is in the market place. What I need is Beta testers and am hopeful some of you in the BT747 community are interested. Contact information is in the app's help document.

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