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BT747 functions on Android Smartphones

The comments in the thread "BT747 on Android? Volunteer?" are most interesting. BT747 is a great app but I do not think porting it to Android is achievable. I just finished coding and Android app for an MTK CHIP GPS logger that has some of the BT747 functionality and found meeting the run time limits for the GUI a real challenge.

I published "MTK logger utility" to Google Play today - GNU GPL v3 licensed. Also posted the source files on GitHub. Works great with my Samsung Galaxy Note and Qstarz Q1000x logger. My app has 4 tabs:

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BT747 is no longer able to download AGPS data

Starting about 10 days ago (approx. Jan 10) my copy of BT747 software was unable to download AGPS data. I thought it might be temporary, but so far it is not. Has the AGPS server been turned off, or the user-name / password been changed? Or am I the only one seeing this problem? Previous to this, it has worked well, with no problems downloading AGPS file. Is there a new server?

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