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Download recorded tracks (Gosget MB-688L)




Thank you for develope this great gps application. 

I've an old gps bt mouse (Gosget MB-688L) And i've lost orginal firmware files cd.


I found your application for supporting my gps device. But i have a problem with downloading recorded tracks.

I've connected device via Bluetooth.

Cause i could not connect with regular usb. (CP2102 usb to uart bridge controller missing in Device Manager.)


All real coordinates came into screen instantly. 

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Sites to share your tracks

Thre are a number of sites out there that allow you to share your tracks and pictures.

As it is usefull to list these, I suggest to start an overview - you can add more to this thread and I'll come back from time to time to update my list.

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Tracks tab: separate by track?

The new (beta) tab called "tracks" shows me but a list of trackpoints. What I'd like is a grouping of tracks, separating them from each other by pauses just like with file output.

This would give a great starting point for more actions: select what tracks to export, show on map, etc. Ideally, one could merge and split tracks and even add an identifying name to a track.
An analysis per track could also be given: time span, distance, range.

Of course, every feature possibility I mention adds more work to a program that is already unbelievably sophisticated being written by only Mario.

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