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Accidental log switchoff hurts


Erasing the eeprom data switches off logging before erase which is normal; however logging stays deactivated after the erase. People try to pay attention and switch it on manually but when you happen to do it and you try to map for a day just to realise that logging is off... it ain't no pretty sight at the end of the day.

Please restore logging state after erase. Or warn the user. Or set it on by force. Whatever. Protect world peace.

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Tracks tab: separate by track?

The new (beta) tab called "tracks" shows me but a list of trackpoints. What I'd like is a grouping of tracks, separating them from each other by pauses just like with file output.

This would give a great starting point for more actions: select what tracks to export, show on map, etc. Ideally, one could merge and split tracks and even add an identifying name to a track.
An analysis per track could also be given: time span, distance, range.

Of course, every feature possibility I mention adds more work to a program that is already unbelievably sophisticated being written by only Mario.

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