iBlue 747A+ Cant connect to bt747 logger

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I've a user of bt747 data logger software and also of the logger  iBlue 747A+ for some years now.


Saddly, this I haven't used the logger for some months and since then I've also changed my win version to 8.

This week I needed the  iBlue 747A+ and when tried to connect to donwload the log I couldnt. The sofwtare dont even connect. I press to connect and no reaction.


Can this be due to windows version or would be damage  iBlue 747A+?



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First you need to check that

First you need to check that windows does find a device when you connect the logger.

If windows finds a device and indicates it is unknown, this is in most cases a driver issue.

If windows finds a device and assigns a com port, then that is the com port that you should use.

If windows does not find a device, it is likely that your logger is broke (at least for USB communication).

Before considering that you logger is broken, try it on an older operating system.

The drivers available on the manufacturer site are "old" - I do not know how they work on Win8.

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Hi mdeweedrd.   thanks for

Hi mdeweedrd.


thanks for the help.

I didn't even considered the driver issue. It's with no doubt a driver problem, better, a lack of driver.


Where can I find a win7 driver for it? I can try to force install the win7 or vista driver on it, I think it may be at least a good try.

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Hi You can find the driver on


You can find the driver on the site of the manufacturer:


You can also try the drivers of the more recent loggers; I think the driver is the same but maybe there is a more recent driver inside.

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thanks m8   its working

thanks m8


its working :)


its an old system, since most cameras already have this... but traveling... this little thing makes a wonderfull work :)