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i currently can't get AGPS Data for my iBlue 747pro using 2.0.4 (i have to use that version because other version do not connect on my Woindows XP).

I found several diskussions regardin AGP not none fit.

Wireshark shows me should be connected (SYN send)

I used the "GPSview" from website:

No success.

Can some second that or is is a local problem?

Are there other servers? Where can i enter new URLs?


13   304 ms   305 ms   309 ms []
 14   307 ms   303 ms   303 ms []
 15   306 ms   307 ms   307 ms []
 16     *        *        *     Request timed out.

Same Problem here, neither

Same Problem here, neither GPSview nor BT747 can update AGPS-Data ...

I asked Transystem about the

I asked Transystem about the AGPS-server, here the answer:

Sorry for the late reply, we was shut down by typhoon yesterday.
IP server went down this Tuesday and network company is fixing it now and it will be recovered next week.
Best RegardsTRANSYSTEM Inc.Service team

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I got the same answer. Next

I got the same answer.

Next week up again? There seems to be a serious problem cauesd by Typhoon Saola...


Could someone email his last EDO copy
or knows about a mirror or is there a P2P feed?

Is it possible to use other AGPS files? The satellites are same, or..? :-)

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The files are provided by

The files are provided by MediaTek.

There may be other companies having a copy of the files, but I do not know any.

As far as I have seen all tools get their data from the mediatek server using their specific login.

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At the Global-Top web site i

At the Global-Top web site i found a tool "GlobalTop MT3339 PC Tool v1.4" which downloads the data via ftp from[]. The files MTK7d.EPO, MTK14.EPO have 53760 resp. 107520 bytes in size, but seems to be valid only for "today", not 7 or 14 days . (at least the 7day version  i tried to upload to the 747pro). bt747 says :

APGS data for 1 blocks.
From 04-AUG-2012 00:00:00 to 04-AUG-2012 00:00:00
Other information: 04-AUG-2012 18:00:00 and 04-AUG-2012 18:00:00

The login data for the mediatek server is not acepted :-)





AGPS settings - BT747

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the hint.

There is a new version 2.0.19 of "GPS-view" which asks several servers.