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i currently can't get AGPS Data for my iBlue 747pro using 2.0.4 (i have to use that version because other version do not connect on my Woindows XP).

I found several diskussions regardin AGP not none fit.

Wireshark shows me should be connected (SYN send)

I used the "GPSview" from website:

No success.

Can some second that or is is a local problem?

Are there other servers? Where can i enter new URLs?



AGPS (assisted GPS) is a system that helps GPS devices in getting a FIX situation faster.
In a few words the EPO file contains "hints" that lead the device to find satellites faster.
To use the AGPS feature of your device you have to keep those "hints" updated.
This is useful in poor signal conditions, like when tall buildings or trees make the signal weak.

The new AGPS upload feature is available even in the command line version.
From the usage:
--agps Upload APGS data using the default URL

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