Sites to share your tracks

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Thre are a number of sites out there that allow you to share your tracks and pictures.

As it is usefull to list these, I suggest to start an overview - you can add more to this thread and I'll come back from time to time to update my list.

Anything else?  Let me know.

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You can upload ski trails in

You can upload ski trails in GPX format to this site:

It will then summarize how far you have been skiing what runs and lifts you have used.  It's a very good free service.

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I uploaded some old Ski

I uploaded some old Ski tracks and it does have French ressorts too.  The tracks I looked at do match fairly well.

Also note that the 2.X.1618 version has OpenPisteMap included as a map option ;-).


Edit: I uploaded some other tracks and the matching is not 'perfect' [not all runs/lifts are discovered], but not too bad overall.

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all kind of tracks,

all kind of tracks, compatible with many formats! has also a iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile App.

hello, i wanted to say thanks


i wanted to say thanks for the great software. i use it for my iblue 747 and it is working very well...

to upload my tracks, we've developed a new site:

there are not a lot tracks on it right now, but it is growing. imho currently one of the best site to animate tracks with a nice unique gimmick: you can compete existing tracks and compare your performance, like this: (fullscreen mode)

we are looking forward to get some feedback on it to improve existing and develop new features.

best regards

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Excellent, I am going to add

Excellent, I am going to add that to the top of the thread.
Maybe you want to develop a feature for BT747 so that it can upload the tracks directly to that server like BT747 can do for OSM tracks.