Viewing source code BT747 in Java IDE

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I downloaded the source code for Windows Desktop version BT747Aplicacion 2.X.1779 - 09/06/2010. The operating system of my pc is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits. BT747 software work, I connect and download the logs.
I would like to know how can view the source code in a Java IDE like Netbeans, etc. I would like to know what are the functions for COM port connection and downloading the positions stored in a 747A + DataLogger of Transystem. There are technical documentation of classes, functions, and where files are.
I say goodbye to waiting for your prompt assistance.
Javier Quispe

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Hi Javier You can find a

Hi Javier

You can find a background introduction in "dev/readme.txt".

You can find a javadoc description that I extracted a while ago at .

I use Netbeans for the GUI development and Eclipse for the rest.  It is possible to package in the netbeans environment too (using the ant build script).

I invite you to tell me more about your objectives.  I'll send you an email in private.