"unsafe Code" Java-Warning in Auto-Update Version

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since a few days I receive a "unsafe code" warning when using the "desktop auto update" version of BT747.  The message appears when I press the "transfer" button to load the logging data from the logger.

Either choice "abort execution yes/no" results in

- no data transferrred from the logger

- applications hangs (no menu, no tabs, no nothing working)

- application cannot be stopped/closed via "window controlls" (only killed via task manager, including message box "application does not respond")

- task manager will lose "sight" of all running applications (that is: the list of applications will be completely empty (but for the BT747 entry) although there were and are other applications running). Funnily BT747 application will be shown as "running" (even when killing the application it will tell differently).

I think this bevahior started three days ago. max five days. However this might also be the result of having updated Java JVM to version 1.6.0_23-b05. Anyway: the "latest Build" Version of BT747 still works without problems.

Regards, Enno.


PS: OS Windows XP (latsest SP ... whatever that is :-) )

BT747 shows build information "V2.X.1887"


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Gosh ... just wanted to check

Gosh ... just wanted to check if the problem is related to just pressing the "transfer"-button or the fact that I created a new "directory" for the bin-file.

But now it is working without any problems whatso ever ....

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Maybe your cache was

Maybe your cache was corrupt.

I was going to suggest to run:

javaws -viewer

And delete BT747 from the cache after which you could have reinstalled.


I did that and BT747 still worked afterwards.