Options for HTML conversion

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I like the HTML conversion. It is one of the better conversions available I think. But maybe it could even be better by adding some options to it. I think there is room for them on the "advance file setting panel" ?

Options I would like:

1. set the line width of the track

2. different colors for different tracks

3. change the waypoint icon

4. checkboxes for tracks in stead of dates

5. adding informations to waypoints ? (difficult I think)

6. checkboxes show/hide waypoints just as they do tracks.

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I like the HTML conversion

I like the HTML conversion myself a lot because it only requires a browser to read it, it is small and fast.

Regarding 1, 2, and 3 : the main work is in adding the options to the GUI and getting a limited impact on the generated file.

4: Not sure what you mean exactly.  The checkboxes correspond to the tracks with the date/time corresponding to the initial time.

5: Information is added to waypoints - not sure what you want.

6: Interesting idea ;-).


I should upgrade to Google Maps V3 too, but last time I looked, they did not allow the optimized track definition so the file would get bigger...

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About 1, 2 and 3: Does this

About 1, 2 and 3: Does this mean that your going to implement these ?

About 4: I did some testing with the trace seperation on the Output settings panel and discovered that it already worked as I liked. So forget this point.

About 5: I mean adding some text/title to the waypoint like "Visit to McDonalds", "Pause" and so on. I thinkt this is very difficult to implement into the GUI. You must be able to select the waypoint to add the text.

About 6: Do You mean it is not possible ? I do not mean checkboxes for the waypoints, but when the checkbox for the track is used and the track is hided/is shown, also the waypoints belonging to the track are hided/shown.

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6: It is possible and I

6: It is possible and I understand what you meant ;-).

4: Good.


This is more complex as it requires some kind of database management to keep the descriptions between conversions and program starts.

It is already possible in the GUI to select the waypoint, so that complexity is already managed.  When you right click on a waypoint it will show the waypoint index and type.  When you left click on a waypoint you select it (useful for an image because it will jump to the image).  When you left click and hold and drag you move the waypoint (only usefull for images as if the waypoint is from the log, the source position will not be updated).

All items:

It is a matter of time and priorities/motivation.  My idea of making BT747 opensource 4 years ago was to share something back with the community (from which I still use a lot of free (and often opensource) software).  There was a lot of implication from a German User - Dirk Haase - who maintained German Documentation and who did quite some testing of the application, and there have been some very punctual code contributions - but most of the work (>>95%) was done by me in this outgrown project (vs. initial goals ;-) ).

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The colour and line-thickness

The colour and line-thickness options would really be nice. But you can easily edit the .html file youself, it's not really difficult: Just open it in the text editor of your choice, go to the end of the file. There you'll find your tracks starting with

var track4;
map.addOverlay(track4=new GPolyline.fromEncoded({
  color: "#0000FF",
  weight: 4,
  opacity: 0.8,
  points: "yk ... @E",
  levels: "PB ... ?P",
  zoomFactor: 2,
  numLevels: 18 ...

You can now change the colour to red by changing the #0000FF to #00FF00 or to anything you like. A list can be found at here.
I did not vary "weight" or "opacity" yet, but just try out other numbers, you can't destroy anything.