Not whole track was logged?

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I am using iblue 747A together with BT747. We arrived yesterday (3,5 weeks vacation). iblue didn't save the first 10 days but I don't know why. 40 % of the memory is empty, so I had enough memory space. I downloaded the full dataset, converted to GPX and html. Data starts at 7th of December and not at 26th of November.


I am using the latest bt747-version and Windows 7-64-BIT. What had happend? Could it be that the memory was erased by a malfunction or by a airport security check?


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Maybe the log positions are

Maybe the log positions are filtered?  Bad position, ... .

You can send me the log, I'll have a look (send bin file to address mentionned in 'About BT747' in the Info menu).

Thanks for your answer. I

Thanks for your answer. I will be back at my computer on 27th.