Not overwriting data - iBlue 747 A+

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I've got an iBlue 747 A+ GPS Logger and everything is working fine in combination with BT747 - except one thing:

It is set to overwrite the old data when the memory is full. However, it seems to stop logging (although it stays blinking and memory usage shows over 100%, e.g. 124%).

Anyone knows why it is not working properly??

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Hi The best guess is that the


The best guess is that the size of the flash memory is not recognized because it is a new type of flash.  It looks like you are over 100% but you probably aren't.

Share the FLASH ID and BT747 can get updated.

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Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hm...but would it stop recording if it falsely asumes that the memory is smaller than it actually is?

Anyways, here's some data displayed on BT747:

Model: 0002 (iBlue 747 A+)
FlashInfo: 1C31161C
Logger-SW: V1.39
Firmware: AXN_1.30-B_1.3_C01 (TSI_747A)

BT747 V1.68.32

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Hi The 'issue' is


The 'issue' is understood.

V1.68.32 is the stable version and I have not updated the flash recognition in there since a while.  Try the 2.X version.

I guess that I should call 2.X.XXXX stable - it's been around for quite a while.

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Ok, I'll try the new version

Ok, I'll try the new version then! Thanks again!

Hi. The "Overwrite when full"

Hi. The "Overwrite when full" setting on the "Device Settings" tab instructs the iBlue 747+ to overwrite the log when full or is it done by the BT747 application? Will iBlue 747+ honor this setting?


BT747 v 2.X.1767

iBlue 747+ fw AXN_1.30_C01 (TSI_747A+)

Thank you!

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The 'Overwrite when full'

The 'Overwrite when full' setting is a device setting.

BT747 will program this setting - it is then up to the device to 'honor it'.

AFAIK, the iBlue 747A+ does accept this setting.  It is not too complicated to test this: set your device to 5Hz logging and log nearly all the available fields to fill up the memory as fast as possible (when doing so, you should be able to record about 25000 positions).  With 5 recordings every second, you need 5000 seconds to fill up the memory or somewhat less than two hours.  After that time you can observe how much of the memory is reported as filled.  If you selected STOP, you should have 99 or 100% filled.  If you selected overwrite, you should have closer to 0%.   You can download the content when you just start the log period and later and compare the times of the positions recorded.

That way you can make sure that your device 'honors' the setting.

Do note that when your device is in 'STOP' mode and it is full, you can not switch it to overwrite unless you erase the memory first.

Thank you, mdeweerd. I'll

Thank you, mdeweerd. I'll test this.

Per your comment, I understand that if "Overwrite when full" is set, when the device's memory gets full it will automatically erase it and start writing again, instead of simply overwriting records. Is this what happens?

Sorry for so many questions but I have had the iBlue for just a week. I did some research online and could not find answer to these questions.

Thank you again.

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It will erase the memory in

It will erase the memory in blocks of 0x10000 bytes.  Your logger surely has 4MB of memory (32Mb), which is 0x400000 bytes corresponding to 0x40 = 64 blocks.

So when the memory is full, it will erase the first block, fill it again, when it is full, erase the 2nd block, fill it, and so on.

mdeweerd, thank you so much!

mdeweerd, thank you so much!