GUI and command line parameters

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Hi all,


I have both an iBlue 747 A+ and a Holux GPSport 245 and I would like to use 2 shell scripts


cd /opt/bt747; ./bt747 -s 115200 -p /dev/ttyACM0 -f /root/BT747log.bin --device DEFAULT



/opt/bt747/interceptty -q -s 'ispeed 38400 ospeed 38400' /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/ttyS0 &
cd /opt/bt747; ./bt747 -s 38400 -p /dev/ttyS0 -f /root/BT747log_holux.bin --device HOLUX245

to start BT747 with the correct settings, respectively. However, as soon as I use command line parameters, BT747 doesn't display its GUI but seems to fall into some CLI mode. How can I tell it to draw the GUI even though there are command line parameters?

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The CLI and GUI interfaces

The CLI and GUI interfaces are two different interfaces to the same backend.  When you start BT747, there is some kind of detection to know which interface should be launched.

It would be possible to make them work together, but they are not currently designed like that.


There is a possibility to achieve what you want, albeit not exactly as you want it.

As commented in the '' file, it is possible to provide the path to the settings file as a parameter to the java call:

#       -Dbt747_settings="bt747settings.pdb"

So you'ld have to start BT747 with something like this:"$JAVA" -Dbt747_settings="/path/to/settings1.pdb" $MEM_HEAP_OPTION $DEBUG_OPTION $NOPROXY_OPTION -Djava.library.path="${RXTXLIBPATH}" bt747.j2se_view.BT747Main $* &So you'ld have to create two 'settings.pdb' files (copy the default one) in different locations and configure BT747 differently in these sessions (just once for each session).

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Hi mdeweerd,   thanks a lot

Hi mdeweerd,


thanks a lot for your answer. This sounds like a good solution!