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I have been using a Holox M-1000C to geotag my photos via an AOKA unit attached to my NIKON D200 10-pin.  Sweet, compact, bluetooth setup.

Also, the Holox tracks serve to backup my GARMIN 60csx data.

I do field work with reptiles.

I have been using BT747 to convert the Holox tracks to GPX files, successfully, all season, until about 1 week ago.

I am not very knowledgeable about the details of GPS technology, and may perhaps stand defeated by some simple configuration error.

Lately, the download seems to work, asking if I want to overwrite the bin file, showing the download bar, but the conversion step generates an error message popup.



No output files were created.

This usually means that either:

-the filter did not select any points

-the log does not contain any data


Try selecting all points.

If that does not work, it may be a bug.


I was using the program successfully, and then it stopped working.

I made no changes to the configuration that had been working since March.

I made many attempts to "erase" and to "recover faulty memory"

As an aside, the erase function generates a popup that usually hangs; it only disappears on rare occassions which seems to indicate a successful erase procedure.

Most of the time, all season, the popup hangs and eventually I have to guess when the erase is finished, hit "cancel" on the popup.

Close the program, power off the Holox, re-open BT747 and re-connect to the Holox, and check the "memory used" to see if the erase was successful.

The Holox software will still download and display the tracks properly, but it will not convert to GPX files.

Any help will be appreciated!








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What version of BT747 are you

What version of BT747 are you using?

Usually this is an issue with the filter, dates, log format type.

You could look for BT747J2SESettings on your computer (in %USERPROFILE% on windows, in your home on other systems), delete it (while BT747 is closed) and reconfigure BT747 again for your device (and set the map cache directory for map speed).

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V2.0.3 15.5.2011 desktop



desktop version


I had to put this issue aside for awhile, but thanks for your help!

I was unable to locate the %userprofile% stuff.

I deleted the program and reinstalled.

No difference.

I did that again today, and now it's working.

Without any inputs or tweaks from me.


It still hangs at the "Waiting for erase" popup.

I have to guess when it's done, close out, reopen and check the pts again.

If it is a small log, then I leave it alone untill my next real log.


Thanks again!