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You can convert the log in HTML format.
On my computer I can open the HTML.
What files do I need to open the HTML also on another computer?
The ***. bin?
Or what must I have installed.

Thank you

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Hi Kurt You do not need

Hi Kurt You do not need other files - that is the magic of the BT747 HTML files : they are self contained. You need access to the web with a javascript capable browser and google. The only exception is when you add geotagged pictures. They must be joined to get the pictures shown in the info windows. I have not seen other solutions like that around. This one you can just attache to a mail. There is an example on this site : . The other magix of the BT747 HTML is that it is very small ;-).

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Hello. Thank you for the


Thank you for the answer.
The sample is o.k. on the two other computer.
But my files, will not be displayed.
Only a with screen with the two buttons and the field between.
No map or track.
The HTML file is realy small: 19 kb the ***.bin is 1216 kb

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Are you opening the HTML as a

Are you opening the HTML as a local file or through a web site?
For the latter, you need to define a google map key in a file called gmapkey.txt where the first line is the key.
You can put that file in the directory where the bin is or the directory where you create the html file (before creating the file).

The size of the file is normal: it does really get this small.

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Hello. As a local file...


As a local file...

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I suspect that you do have

I suspect that you do have some bad filters.

To understand what is happening, please send the binary file + the html file + your BT747Settings.pdb file to my email indicated in the about box of the application.

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Iblue BT747 GPS-LOG interpretation in Google-earth

Hello !
i will log my holiday this year again.
(4weeks about 14.000km)
after my holiday i make an anaylsis.
i used NH-toptrans but icant use this more.
Now i found this software i like it.
because i can change the Logging time/Distanc
with my symbian phone,

I log every 5sec. (7day's)
but i need two element's
when i Export it to GE (Google Eearth)
- I will see at the beginning of a track a Start Waypoint.
- where i made a paused it should generatet a Waypoint for Paused for x minutes.
- whenn paused more then XX minutes should startet a new Track.

i search this function in this tool but i didn't find it.

thx for help

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This functionality is not

This functionality is not currently available in the tool.

1) Adding a start waypoint is easy to do. Do you want a start symbol when there is a 'new track' in the sense of no position was logged during 1 hour or other?
Any suggestion for the icon?
2) Not impossible, but more work: the position must be analysed over several records. This requires an algorithm and limits (even when not moving the gps positions moves, conditions used can include speed and position staying within a certain range, but that has to be a dynamic window I thing).
3) When no position is logged for more than XX minutes a new track is started. Otherwise this functionality is related to 2.