Connecting to Internet via proxy

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I can't find the way to configure internet connection through a proxy; so my map window doesn't load any map.

Is it possible to connect through a proxy? Thanks.

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When I install the

When I install the application as a webstart application behind a proxy, and I then use it, I get a map.

Before my vacation I found some 'Java' properties that should make this transparent to the user. I believe I added it to the development version - this is needed for OSM upload, but I did not need it for the map. So your problem needs more investigation.

I use a proxy as well and and

I use a proxy as well and and the map shows up after some delay. Seems the program is able to use the IE settings. I would prefer manual proxy settings, as I usually cheat IE about correct setting to improve safety. Unfortunately Google Earth insists to use IE settings and BT747 coult participate from it.
Anyway AGPS download does not work behind proxy! Would appreciate instructions how to manually download AGPS data as a file und where to set the location of the file to enable BT747 to use it.

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AGPS does not use the

AGPS does not use the standard java scheme because it uses ftp.

I am willing to add user proxy configuration under the condition that I can reuse Java code for the proxy handling.

I did further testing about

I did further testing about this issue, and it works!
The day ago I tried the AGPS update with Transystem's GPSView and gpsPhotoTagger, but both faild (downloaded latest versions). Afterwards I tried BT747 2.x.1516 but apparently it did nothing as well.

Today I tried the same version again and while there is still no notible reaction a deeper view shows the AGPS data are uploaded! GPSView shows it clearly, and after restart you can see it in BT747 as well.
Meanwhile I downloaded version 2.x.1530. With this version you can see the success without restart, provided you are patien enough! Good job, thanks!
My configuration: I run BT747 on WinXP_SP2 behind a software-proxy similar to Jana but Windows-based.

PS: some documentation about the file-option would be nice anyway!

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Previously I required the

Previously I required the user to set the AGPS URL, but I got a login and password to get the AGPS data from the Transystem server specifically for BT747, I was able to officially integrate that kind of information in BT747.

I could make it possible to enter a URL pointing to the place to get the EPO data from, but then you'll need to get the information regarding the login credentials yourself.

The command line interface may still permit you to define the url. You can check that - I'll try to do so too later.