BT747 gpx files and OpenStreetMap (OSM)

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Apparently waypoint information extraction from gpx upload has been recently added to PotLatch, the online map editor for OpenStreetMap.

I've read some reports that the waypoints that are written by BT747 into the GPX files are recognized by PotLatch.
After reading the code that is responsible for analyzing the GPX files in PotLatch, I found that only a few features are recovered and that BT747 could be optimized to add additional information to the GPX files.

The relevant PotLatch code is here:

and one can see that 'sym' and 'desc' fields are interpreted (along with lat, lon and ele). These two fields were not generated by BT747 but I'll do so for 'sym' now. The 'cmt' field already has data so I am not sure wheter I should repeat that in 'desc'. It is probably better that PotLatch evolves.

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Also note that 'BT747' has a

Also note that 'BT747' has a button called 'OSMup'.

That button will upload the track data to Open Street Map and to do so it will:

  1. Propose the user to describe the track, add tags, set privacy;
  2. Create a GPX file with just the data that is usefull for OpenStreetMap.  That helps reduce the upload time as well as the amount of data stored on the OpenStreetMap server.
  3. Upload the GPX file to the OpenStreetMap server using the provided credentials (so the track will appear on your OpenStreetMap account, ready to be used for mapping .

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