append or combine .bin files

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When I have a .bin file with one or more tracks and I want to add one or more tracks from my logger, BT747 wants to overwrite the current contents of the .bin file (the current contents is not in the logger so Smart download won't work). I just want to add the tracks to the .bin file. How can I do that ?

I now have a few .bin files because of the above mentioned question. Is there a way to combine them into one ? (I know there are utilities to combine .gpx files, but I prefer combining .bin files).

Greetings, Gerrit

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Hi BT747 will not create a


BT747 will not create a single .bin file out of several .bin files, but it can achieve your goal.

By dragging and dropping multiple .bin file to BT747, when you start a conversion, BT747 will put them in the right order and generate your output files according to your settings (as if all .bin files were combined into one).

You can manually combine bin files by concatening them in a single file (because BT747 downloads entire blocks of data).

Under windows you can do: COPY /B 1.bin + 2.bin all.bin

Under unix: cat 1.bin 2.bin > 3.bin


Downloading will need to be done one by one.

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Hi, Thanks a lot. The copy


Thanks a lot. The copy method works perfect ! Just what I needed.

Dragging and dropping doesn't work. When I drag and drop a .bin file to BT747, the file is added to the "Files to tag" tab. So it works for tagging files, but not for converting to html or so. Or am I doing something wrong ?

But as mentioned: he other method works. Is a .bin file just a dump of the memory of the logger ?

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The source list in the 'Files

The source list in the 'Files to Tag' tab is not only for tagging - it is used in all operations.

The '.bin' file is indeed a dump of the logger memory.

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Ok, works! Super!

Ok, works! Super!

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One more question about this:

One more question about this: Does this mean that always the complete memory is downloaded to the .bin file and that the filter settings in the Filter panel and the Date filter on the Log operations panel don't matter ?

Are these filters only used for conversion ?

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By default BT747 does a smart

By default BT747 does a smart download and only downloads changed memory blocks filled with data.  The memory blocks are each 64kB in size - so BT747 downloads 64kB blocks.

This is without impact on the filters that are indeed only used for conversion.

Minor detail. When I connect

Minor detail. When I connect my 747 A+. The GPS Device data fills in, except for GPS Time: which remains "Unknown". Ideas?



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As I understand it, you are

As I understand it, you are talking about the 'live position & time'.  The most likely reason is that none of the active NMEA sentences (in advanced device configuration) decoded by BT747 provides the time.  

BT747 decodes GPGGA, GPRMC for live data and also GPGSV for file data.

You can activate the debug of the connection which will create a 'gpsRawDebug.txt' file in the output directory (documentation) so that the sentences sent can be examined for availability and provided data.