bt747cmd build

I'm new to Java and I'm trying to find what the minimal components for executing  While I can import the build.xml into eclipse I'm finding it difficult to know which components can be deleted.   Am I missing a simple option or method for importing the zip src file to get just what is needed?




The next table has to be updated. Look at the help provided on the command line for up-to-date information.

Option Description
-R Recover from disabled log: erase data and reset recording criteria
--UTC <Integer: UTCoffset> Define UTC offset to apply to output file
-a Read all the log memory (overlapped data)

Command line

The command line interface allows you to script BT747 operations.

Not all BT747 functionality is implemented yet. The first interface definition was based on mtkbabel, the code is entirely different!

There are only 'a few' customers for this, so functionality will be added as requested and acccording to other priorities.

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