The next table has to be updated. Look at the help provided on the command line for up-to-date information.

Option Description
-R Recover from disabled log: erase data and reset recording criteria
--UTC <Integer: UTCoffset> Define UTC offset to apply to output file
-a Read all the log memory (overlapped data)
-b <filename.bin> Do not read device, read a previously saved file.The file type is selected according to the filename extension. Recognized file extensions are .csv, .trl,.nmea, .nme, .nma, .txt, .log, .sr .
--badcolor <HEXCOLOR> Color to use for 'bad part' in tracks (HEX RGB value), ex 00FFFF
--color <HEXCOLOR> Color to use for tracks (HEX RGB value, ex 00FF00)
-d <Integer: DEBUG_LEVEL> Debug level: 0..2
--device <DEVICE> Make sure the raw bin file is correctly interpreted (DEFAULT, HOLUX).
--download-method FULL|SMART|REPORTED Select the download method. FULL = All
the memory, SMART=According to
previous download, REPORTED=Ignores
overwrite setting and download
reported used memory.
-f <filename> Base name for saved files (.bin and other)
-h Displays help
--height-to-msl Correct WGS84 height (elevation) to MSL (Mean Sea Level)
-l <(on|off)> Turn logging ON/OFF
-m <(stop|overlap)> Set STOP/OVERLAP recording method on memory full
--outtype <OUTPUTTYPE> Create a gpx file of type NMEA, GPX, GMAP, KML, KMZ, CSV, PLT, TRK.
More than one format can be specified when separated with ','
-p <port> Communication port, default: /dev/ttyUSB0
-r <Integer: time:distance:speed> Set logging criteria (zero to disable)
-s <Integer: speed> Serial port speed, default 115200 baud
--splittype <SPLITTYPE> The way to split the input data: NOSPLIT, DAY or TRACK
-t Create a gpx file with tracks
--template-taggedfilename FORMAT Specify the template for the tagged filename. Default FORMAT is "%p\%f_tagged%e".

%p is replaced by the directory of the original file.

%e is replaced by the extension of the original file.

%f is replaced with the base of the original file.

So the default will convert a file "BT747\org.jpg" to "BT747\org_tagged".

--timesplit <Integer: MINUTES> Time separation in minutes needed for track segment or track separation.
--trkptinfo Add record information for each trackpoint.
--trkptname Give each trackpoint a name (based on time)
-v Print BT747 version and exit
-w Create a gpx file with waypoints