What is difference between BT747 and Photomate (iBlue) 887?

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I purchased a Photomate (or iBlue?) 887 logger about a year ago because it's very small and light and I use it to track my cats as they travel around the neighborhood.

I *NEVER* see any reference to the 887 on any of these GPS websites or forums.  It's always the BT747.  But I use the BT747 software to download the data from my 887 and configure the device.

Can someone explain the difference between the 747 and 887?


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There are three things:

There are three things: BT747, the 887 and the 747.

1.  BT747 is an opensource software created by a private person because this person (me) wanted to download track on the move on his Palm device.  It is a project grown out of hand.

2. The Photomate 887 is a logger made by Transystem.  Transystem also made the iBlue 747.   Apart from the device package, the 887 and the 747 (A+) are very alike.

I think that there are not a lot of Photomate 887 logger users OR they do not visit this site a lot.  It has been listed on the page of <a href="/compatible_gps">supported tracking devices</a> since a long time.

A lot of people mistake BT747 as the name for the iBlue 747.

Hopefully that clarifies.  It is in part fact and in part my opinion.

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Does the 887 have the same

Does the 887 have the same GPS receiver module as the 747?

Is it possible to update the bios of my 887 to something more recent (or better)?

The BT747 Application (V2.X.1721) tells me the following about my 887:

FlashInfo: 1C20161C (EON, 4mb)

Model: 0001 (photoMate 887)

Firmware: AXN_1.0-B_1.3_C01 (TSI_887)

Logger SW: v1.39

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The 887 has the MTKII

The 887 has the MTKII chip(set).  The iBlue 747 has the 'old' MTK Chipset.  The iBlue 747 A+ has the MTKII chip(set).

A module in our jargon is a small card with a chip and some other components that can be put on a main board.  I did not check the internals of the 887, but it might have the same module as the 747 A+.

Technically the bios of the 887 is updateable, but I am not certain that an update is available.  Other users could report their version too if different, and then we could get an idea.

It is probably not worthwile to update the firmware.  In these cases the best rule is to not change a working system.  Updates to BIOS's and Firmwares are only recommended if there is a bug fix that concerns you or if there is new functionality that you are really interested in.