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I have been using BT747 (BT747_J2SE_RXTX2.2) on OS X (10.6.7) for downloading and exporting my data from an Blumax logger. This has been working great but recently I have not been able to export the data. This occurred about the same time that I moved the 'User' folder to an external drive. The data will download but when I click the GPX button to convert and export the data I get an error that there is no data to process. If I do the same with GPSBabel then the data is exported, so it is in the BIN file. Any ideas why BT747 will not create the GPX file?

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A follow up to this. I have

A follow up to this. I have tried to export all records from the bin and this results in no records. Previously I have exported from this bin. I also renamed the bin and did a full download from the logger, again an export without filters results in no records. Final test was to move the bin file back onto the internal HD and try from there, but the same - no data exported. Not sure what to try next.

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Hi Andrew I've been busy so a

Hi Andrew

I've been busy so a response with a bit of delay.

It looks like the data format is incorrectly set - what is your device type - what is the selected conversion type (on the far right of the convert button): does it read 'Default'?

If you do not get further results, send me the bin and your BT747J2SEsettings.pdb (in your home directory).

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For info: my email is in the

For info: my email is in the about box of the application.

I am having the exact same

I am having the exact same problem as Andrew. I can try the conversion with the device set at "Default" or with my data logger, "Holux M-241." Either way it gives me the same error saying there is no data on the log or the filter did not contain any points. Were Andrew or mdeweerd able to find a solution to this problem? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Andrew's settings seemed to

Andrew's settings seemed to be correct,maybe his output directory did not exist.

I am waiting for his feedback on that.

I'm now also having a problem

I'm now also having a problem with the original download. My Raw Log File is automatically set to "/Users/graphicsadmin/BT747log.bin" and the Output Folder is set to "/Users/graphicsadmin/Desktop" with the Output File Prefix set at "GPSDATA." However, when I hit Download, the download bar will fill up completely with the blue line, but no file appears on my Desktop (which is where I would expect it based on the Output Folder settings). Is the file not downloading at all, or is it downloading somewhere else (I don't think this is the case). Can I change these settings, and to what? Thanks!

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The file gets downloaded

The file gets downloaded to: /Users/graphicsadmin/BT747log.bin

The output folder is used for the files that you convert to.

Thanks for all your help. I

Thanks for all your help. I actually found a solution on another post.
By setting my Device as “Holux GR-245” I was able to Download the data. Thanks again!

Cheers, when I click download

Cheers, when I click download data, bar do not get the color (0% of progress), no file is created. I am using "Default" device profile. I have a problem with log format settings. The settings seems not to be uploaded. I can not even clean the data from device - all the time "Cleaning in progress" is displayed "disataching on your own risk". In the Info log I have following text (appending all the time):

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "0.0"
    at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Integer.valueOf(Unknown Source)
    at net.sf.bt747.j2se.system.J2SEJavaTranslations.toInt(Unknown Source)
    at bt747.sys.JavaLibBridge.toInt(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at gps.mvc.GpsModel.analyzeGPGGA(Unknown Source)
    at gps.mvc.GpsModel.analyseNMEA(Unknown Source)
    at gps.mvc.MtkModel.analyseResponse(Unknown Source)
    at gps.mvc.GpsModel.analyseResponse(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)
    at Source)

My device is Pretec BluetoothGPS OB-GPLXX-A.

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Hi I'll repeat here what I


I'll repeat here what I wrote by email:


When analysing the fields of the extracted NMEA sentence, I find the next list and '0.0' in position 13.0: GPGGA,1: 101349.614,2: 5145.3054,3: N,4: 01929.1160,5: E,6:1,7: 05,8: 7.1,9: 255.0,10: M,11: 40.3,12: M,13: 0.0,14: 0000

Then, I look at we can read:eg3. $GPGGA,,llll.ll,a,yyyyy.yy,a,x,xx,x.x,x.x,M,x.x,M,x.x,xxxx*hh
1 = UTC of Position
2 = Latitude
3 = N or S
4 = Longitude
5 = E or W
6 = GPS quality indicator (0=invalid; 1=GPS fix; 2=Diff. GPS fix)
7 = Number of satellites in use [not those in view]
8 = Horizontal dilution of position
9 = Antenna altitude above/below mean sea level (geoid)
10 = Meters (Antenna height unit)
11 = Geoidal separation (Diff. between WGS-84 earth ellipsoid and
mean sea level. -=geoid is below WGS-84 ellipsoid)
12 = Meters (Units of geoidal separation)
13 = Age in seconds since last update from diff. reference station
14 = Diff. reference station ID#
15 = Checksum
Which means that  the UTC of the position is missing.  That shifts all fields one to the left.As it happens regurarly, the gpsRawDebugLog.txt could be useful (you can enable it by enabling the 'connection debug'), but it simply looks like the protocol fromt the device is incorrect.  I found an explication of the device here (in Russian): where I can see that the GPS is a SirfIII. This is likely not supported in BT747 (I say likely, because I did some effort on the protocols for certain SirfIII devices, but that was not really tested and probably has bugs + may be different from your device).As a result, the behaviour that you describe is expected: the protocol is completely different and the communication "stalls".

Hi. Thanks for the info. If


Thanks for the info. If you need any help with the coding you can contact with me by mail. I have 3 years business experience in JavaSe/EE and maybe I can help.

Cheers, Dawid.

Very simples solution for

Very simples solution for this. I have been messing around with this program for about a week, and a very frustrating one at that because I get the same problem. GPS connects, all data is downloaded and then when I try to export to GPX or whatever other format, No Data to Process!

Well worry no more. When you open the program take a look at your OUTPUT FOLDER: does that folder exist?

I had selected my desktop as the output folder for GPX files but for some reason every time I start the program the output folder defaults to "/Users/mario/Desktop/Desktop". So the solution is to manually delete the last "/Desktop" part and voila the file exports no problem! I have no idea why I can't setup the output folder correctly, it always repeats the second part at the end, making it look for a folder that doesn't exist. 

Hope that help.


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Yes, that is it! My output

Yes, that is it! My output path has a double GPS/GPS at the end. Deleting the extra /GPS lets the data export :-)

I also see the same problem that it occurs every time I start the program.

Thank-you very much for all your time on this.

All the best

Andrew W.

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Hi It looks like this


It looks like this behaviour is not the expected behaviour and I asked Mario Westphal for a "full" screenshot.

Once I understand it I'll fix it;