iblue BT747 and iblue BT747A+ doesn´t log

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I´m working with both BT747 and BT747A+ and first I want to tell you, I really like the BT747 software. But I have the following problem, which only seems to appear after using the BT747 Software.
I always first download the information, then I delete the memory by using "delete only". Then I switch of the logger until the next use. After that both loggers sometimes do not log any more. The behavior of the LED is normal, blinking when position is available. But when I try to download the new track, there is nothing saved. One time i recognized, if i press the button to save a waypoint, the lead does´t change to blue/red.
After that, if I use the logger tool by transystem to delete the memory, logging works again.
Is it possible, that the bt747-software switches off the logging during download and it stays switched of even after switching off and on the system?
Am I doing something wrong?

Greetings, Christian

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Logging off after erase.

The logging is off automatically after an erase. Normally when your computer is hooked up, this is not the moment that you want to log.
Switching on and off the device will activate logging, as well as clicking the appropriate tickbox on the initial view of the desktop application. [Can you confirm this just to make sure].

Maybe it is best that I add another option allowing you to indicate if you want the logging active after erase or not, and by default make this active.

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I´m not sure, if you mean the

I´m not sure, if you mean the same as me... After erasing the memory, I switch of the device. Then, when I use it next time, I switch it on. The LEDs indicate, it is working, but trying to read out the track later, there is nothing recorded. Only If I press the button, nothing happens then. Do I have to switch off and on the device once more?
Normally I don´t want to record directly after downloading, thats right.
Thank you for your help,

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Strange indeed.

Can you check if after the on/off cycle, that the 'logging active' is active in the 'GPS Device Data' data group.
I might also be interested in a communication transaction log. You can get a simplified one in the Info window after activating debug (menu) and a more precise one by activating the connection debug (generating a gpsrawdebug.txt (or .log) file).
My e-mail is in the 'About' of the application.

It could be that autolog is inactive on your device - I'll check out later how to figure that out.

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Not reproducable on command :-)

I´m not able to reproduce it at the moment, but from now on I always will start the program in debug mode, so if the problem appear next time, i will send you the log.
But I remember one more thing. The described problem appeared about 4 times now. Two times I recognized, that the memory used counter showed a normal value. the download needed really long (iblue 747) then i pressed convert and get a error saying something with "no trackpoints, try without filter" i tried without filter and got the same message. Also the LogTool from transystem needed a long time to reed all the memory and no values appear. So perhaps it is not a log problem, but more a memory problem. But it only appeared after using bt747. Perhaps the memory isn´t deleted completely or something like that. I always wait until the delete window disappears.
BTW: is there a possibility to keep the debug log enabled? I have to enable it every time i open the program.
Greetings, Christian

Make sure that 'logging is active' after the erase (manually)

Do as I say in the subject and then it should be ok. I might make a minor update to the program regarding this.

Further, I think one of the top features to add is some kind of sanity check that one can launch explicitally (indicating warnings) and/or run automatically (at least partially) to warn when the log format or log conditions seem to be set in a bad way (on the device or by the user).