I can't get my pictures geotagged and no error displayed

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Hi, this is my first post on this forum so I'd like to say first thanks for this software, It's really great.

Now, Could you help me with a problem with it? The thing is that I download correctly the data from my GPS Logger: Holux GPSport 245 and it displays the route ok, but when I try to get my pictures geotagged by loading the log file and the pictures in the "Files to tag" tab, I click "Tag from File" and then "Save Tagged Files" with no response. The pictures doesn't get the data injected and remain the same.

What am I doing wrong? I execute the software from the console and see no errors...

Thanks for your help.

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Hi I already prepared a


I already prepared a response a while ago, but I surely forgot to 'commit' it.

It is very important to set the timezone value on the 'files to tag' tab to the offset between your camera time and the UTC time. The timezone value on the 'output settings' tab is used to convert to a specific timezon in the output files like CSV.

Personally I take a picture of the GPS time at the beginning and at the end of my trip (if it was a long one). This can be done by taking a picture of BT747 running on the computer, running BT747 on the mobile phone or PDA, or any other program showing the GPS time emitted by the logger.

Then I examine the picture time and make the difference with the GPS time which becomes the timezone value for tagging (precise to the second). The two pictures of the long trip is to examine the time drift of my camera and use the mean value if needed (and to make sure that the drift is limited).

If the files do get a lat/lon value after 'tag from file' in the GUI, then you have another problem than the time offset. If so, I'll give other hints.

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First of all, thank you very

First of all, thank you very much for your response.

I finally got the pictures tagged, bad, but tagged. It seems that there is some sort of misconfiguration or something like that. My GPS has a LCD screen that shows de current time set. Right now it displays 17:30:40 but the BT747 displays "GPS Time: 8:30:40". Any idea where can it be the problem?

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Does your timezone happen to

Does your timezone happen to be UTC +9 ?
Even if your logger allows timezone configuration, this is not reflected in the log. The log always has UTC 0 time and the time of the logger will still be the one indicated by BT747, but your logger will display the time with the UTC offset on the display.

This is why you can/need to specify time offsets in BT747.

Hopefully this helps.

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Once more thanks for the

Once more thanks for the answers.

Ok, I've got the theory but in practice I can't get my pictures geotagged correctly. I tried to set the offset in the log operations tab and in the files to tag, but I can't make it work! I feel like dumb...

Let's see a practical case: If I took pictures at 9 o'clock in the morning in Japan and the timezone is UTC+9. Where and in what moment (before or after downloading the log from the logger) should I set the offset???

I really appreciate all your help. Thank you very much guys.

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Oh, and I've noticed one more

Oh, and I've noticed one more thing. In the "Files to Tag" tab I see the Log start time is: 10-JAN and the log End time is: 27-AUG, but if I check the Track tab I see I have more waipoints and routes on 1 and 2 of SEPT.

And the log file size they are all 4 MB even if I use the logger for 4 more days, it just gets stuck in 4 MB.

Any idea where this problem may come from?

Thanks :-)

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Hi The easiest thing is

The easiest thing is surely to send me the log and one or two pictures (e-mail in the app's about function).

Regarding the log size: I guess that you put your logger in overwrite mode.

Regarding the log start & end time: this is not logical and seems to indicate a bug (so sending your log would help).

Regarding the offset: you need to set it on the Files to tag tab where it needs to be correct at the moment of 'tagging'. To 'tag', first do 'Tag from File' which should associate positions with the selected files and then 'Save Tagged Files' to commit the files to disk. Before saving you can check the map to see if the positions are correct.
If the files already have positions, you may need to want to tick 'override positions' because otherwise BT747 will not change the values.

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Hi again!Thanks for your

Hi again!

Thanks for your response and sorry for my late reply. I've been on holdays in China hehe with the gps logger!

I'm going to send you right now a couple of pictures and the log which is giving me problems.

Back from China I have the GPS Logger at 74% of capacity used, it has 128 Mb and as I said in a previous message when I download the log using BT747 I get a 4Mb file only. I've checked it twice and the GPS is not on Override mode.

Great user's support!

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HiI haven't noticed there


I haven't noticed there were 128Mb loggers around.  What logger model is this?

If it is 128Mb, then you can get a maximum of 16MB out of it.  YOu can try a full download, but it might be that BT747 somehow does not get the right memory size.  You can activate the 'debug' option (Settings/...) and share what you get in the 'Info' tab so that I can get somewhat wiser.

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Following analysis of the files that I just received and your associated message:

  1. I conclude that your logger is a Holux GR245 or Holux M1000C.  But you actually said that in your first post.  Hence you must set the device type to Holux GR245 on the right of the convert button
  2. You seem to add the binary file to the files list on 'Files to Tag'.  I tried that too and there seems to be a bug in reusing the device type information for the list there.  I have to fix that.  In the mean time, reference your file in the 'Raw Log File' setting only.
  3. In the log, when applying UTC+9, entries go from August 22nd@14:37:36 to Sept 7th, 20:28:22 for locations in Japan.  Japan is UTC+9, so that is ok.
  4. The time in your pictures are around August 25th @ 14:00.  But logging ends on August 25th @ 04:02:31 (offset of UTC+9 applied).  Hence it is normal that your sample pictures are not tagged.
    Do you think there is a mistake there?

I've sent you a mail with my CSV file and HTML file so that you can compare with your findings.

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Hi :-) My GPS is a Holux

Hi :-)

My GPS is a Holux GPSport 245. I can't find where I saw the memory it has... Anyway I've been 10 days using it everyday and it only got to a 74% of memory usage. I also used it 1 day some weeks ago and the log size is always 4Mb.

I'll do some tests as you suggest :-)

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The size of the logger's

The size of the logger's flash is 4MB.  Do you use smart download?

I just noticed that part of your trip is in Thailand where the timezone is UTC+7.  The question is if you adjusted the time of your camera to the local time zone or not.

Still, logging stops at 02:02:32 on August 25th in that case and starts again on August 27th.  It could be that the time on your camera was correct, but not the date.  In that case, it looks like setting the time zone to 31 (=24 + 7) gives a good position.  One of your pictures is the Grand Palace?

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I've tried all the options:

I've tried all the options: Normal, Full and Smart. All gives me the same 4Mb file.