Holux GPSport 260 Serial sniffing results

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Gday all,

I upgraded from a gpsport 245 to a gpsport 260, and was devistated when I realised BT747 doesn't support it :-(. I use linux at home, and now I have to use a virtual windows box and the Holux software (which is stupid and buggy).

So in attempt to be helpful and maybe get support for the 260 in BT747, I did some serial port sniffing, and documented it along with the exported tracks. Can I send these results to someone, or get involved in the bt747 development?



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Hi Knarl You can send this to

Hi Knarl

You can send this to me (address in the about box of BT747).

You can get involved in development (which is preferable given my availability).

Kind regards


Good morning all I just

Good morning all

I just bought Holux GPSport 260, but BT747 didn't work for it.

Could you help me and solve this problems?

Thanks in advance

Hello, I've created simple


I've created simple tool for downloading tracks from GPsport260:



I'm using gr260dl with my

I'm using gr260dl with my gpsport 260 and it works fine.

Thanks for your effort