Color in kmz/kml-files?

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I am using a gps logger together with BT747 and to visualize my motorcycle tours in google earth. The reason why I still use GPSVisualizer is the "color by speed" feature which BT747 is missing in my opinion. I wanted to try and integrate this feature by myself, but I am totally new to java and eclipse and cannot get the project to run (getting "jre not installed" errors all the time with installed jre :).

Maybe someone can give me a little tutorial how to run the project in eclipse? Or is the integration of such features planned for the future?

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"Planned" but a matter of time

I am a busy guy and I kind of 'plan' this but I do not have a schedule. Some help is welcome of course and this kind of work could be initially located in just one class.

It could be that you need to select the JRE version in eclipse because you do not have the configured one installed (I am not sure).

Writing the instructions is also a matter of time, but recently somebody got to compile the application not using eclipse. It can also be done in Netbeans in a 'similar' way.

Read here . I am willing to help out further.

Once you get the compilation/build or run set up, we can discuss regarding the implementation.